Double crossing and a bit of magic


Stealing money from working people, what do you think, someone has to pay our rent!

About us

We double cross worldwide since our creation, something we're really proud of.


We are professional double crossers!

We are specialized in asking money for bad reasons and we won't ever deliver anything or telling you the truth, that's why we called our company Royal double crossers, you will be crossed at least two times in a row and more if we see any opportunity to steal you some more money!

Our recipe in simple, you ask for our services, we ask you for money and kaboom, everyhting disappears, nothing is delivered and you won't ever have an official bill since we are double crossers, how beautiful is that?

Wilson Ly

Magician and double crosser

J. Luis Gonzales

Vice President

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Telephone: 000 000-0000

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